Previous Meeting Minutes

Sequoia Ski Club Minutes
May 19, 2016 at Home of Mike and Lupe Bowers
Meeting was called to order by Woody Hogan, President, at 8:39 pm following a lovely potluck dinner at the Bowers’ home.

  • There were 11 members present for the meeting, a quorum.

Secretary’s Report:  Sherry Babagian, Secretary

  • Sherry read the minutes from the last meeting (February 18, 2016) with updated treasurer’s report.
  • Delora Buckman moved and George Stewart seconded the motion that the minutes be approved as read.
  • Minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  Janet Lange, Treasurer, was not present
Travel Report:  Debbie Stewart, VP of Travel

  • FWSA Ski Week:  Breckenridge, CO; January 28-February 4, 2017
    • There are 88 pillows for Sierra Council
    • Sequoia Ski Club will be staying at Mountain Thunder Property
  • Far West Adventure Trip 2016 to England/Ireland September 12-22, 2016 with extended bike tour in Ireland from September 22-26, 2016.
  • Far West International Ski Trip:  Austria, March 11-19, 2017, with extended trip to Vienna and Budapest, March 19-26, 2017.
  • Far West Annual Convention:  Scottsdale, AZ; June 9-12, 2016
    • Debbie and George Stewart will be attending the convention.
    • FWSA Election of Officers:  Debbie Stewart will be running as an incumbent for VP of International Travel.
    • George Stewart will be running for Media.
  • Debbie announced plans for other trips: Skiing in France with extended trip to India in 2018; Chili in summer of 2017.

Membership Report:  Mike Bowers, Chairman

  • There are 19 members

Social Director:  Tom Babagian

  • We had a good day for the Sequoia Ski Club Birthday Party up at China Peak Ski Area on April 3, 2016.
    • There were 4 ski club members and 14 County Center Rotary Club members who attended.
  • Our club socials at Brewbakers were well attended in March and April.
  • Thank you to Mike and Lupe Bowers for hosting this evening’s potluck dinner and meeting.

Newsletter Editor:  JD Fischer

  • JD is resigning as Newsletter Editor.
  • Everyone thanked JD for the great job he has done as editor.




Webmaster:  George Stewart

  • George reported that it is time to renew our Sequoia Ski Club website @ $119.00.
  • George moved and Sherry Babagian seconded the motion that we authorize payment for the renewal of the website.
  • Motion passed unanimously.

VP of Club Travel:  Woody Hogan

  • Woody recommended members check out Vale Resort Properties lift ticket/lodging which includes several areas:      North Star, Heavenly Valley, Kirkwood all in California and Breckenridge, CO, particularly if they will be attending the FWSA Ski Week at Breckenridge, CO and like to ski Tahoe ski areas.
  • Woody will check into next year’s FWRA race schedule to see which area and dates our club may want to ski and lodge.

New Business

  • Election of Officers:  Slate of Candidates
    • President:  Woody Hogan
    • Vice President:  Debbie Stewart
    • Secretary:  Sherry Babagian
    • Treasurer:  Janet Lange
    • Membership Chairman:  Mike Bowers
    • Social Director:  Tom Babagian
    • Newsletter Editor:
    • Webmaster:  George Stewart
    • VP of Club Travel:  Woody Hogan
  • All were unanimously reelected, with the exception of the position of Newsletter Editor.

Next Meeting:  September TBA; Social Chairman will also try to set up a social at Brewbakers during the summer. Adjournment:

  • Debbie moved and George seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 9:14 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Sherry Babagian, Secretary


Rafting on the Truckee River

Truckee River